The Best S6 VR Headset

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the world’s best smartphones, even though it debuted more than a year ago. The phone has proven its worth, with 4G LTE data speeds, a crystal clear 5.1 inch screen, and octa-core processor with 3 gigs of RAM, which make the device a beast even when compared to phones from the 2016 lineup. The sheer power of this phone enables the device to offer virtual reality experiences to users, providing some of the best VR to users not using a PSVR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive.

The Best Galaxy S6 Headset


A lot of other phones on the market have different factors to consider when looking for the best VR headset. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Galaxy S6, as Samsung and Oculus have partnered up to release the Gear VR headset, which is for use specifically for Samsung mobile phones. This is by far the best VR experience you can have on your mobile device, and we’d love the opportunity to tell you why.

Oculus is one of the biggest names in the VR business. When Palmer Luckey founded the company a few years back, VR was but a pipedream, and had too often proved to be a disappointment by anyone who actually got the chance to use it. Luckey’s work to come up with a design that provided 360 degree tracking along with stereoscopic 3D eventually resulted in the Rift headset, which spawned development by a series of other companies.

Samsung was one of the groups who saw the value in what Oculus was doing, and with their impressive array of devices thought that mobile VR could be “a thing”. They ended up partnering up with Oculus to release the Gear VR headset, which can be thought of as almost a Rift-lite.

The S6 Gear Experience


When users first connect their S6 to the Gear, they’ll be guided through a setup process that sees software downloaded to the device and getting everything optimized for the best experience possible. After the device is set up, users will find that the Gear VR runs its own software on the headset, which is exclusive to the Gear platform and helps keep a bunch of junk apps from clogging up your device.

The Gear platform includes a healthy selection of games that can be purchased for free or for money, and there are also other pieces of software that allow you to experience things like the internet or the world through a unique perspective. The software also includes things like a virtual movie theater, relaxation spaces, and more for players to take advantage of. Compared to the number of junk apps on the Google Play store, this is a revelation, and is infinitely better.

Some of our favorite apps on the Gear VR platform include Netflix, Eve Gunjack, YouVisit, and Z-Strike, which puts you in control of a series of armed drones trying to wipe out zombies and save humanity.

Price and Where to Buy

Those of you who are looking to buy a Galaxy S6 device may be able to snag a free Gear VR headset if you pick up a device during a promotional period. For those who already have a device, you will have to shell out to get your hands on a Gear device.

The good news here is that the introductory price for a Gear VR is $99 retail, but you can find them starting at around $60 new on sites like Amazon. You can also score devices cheaper if you go used, although we wouldn’t recommend this as there’s been reports of headsets having scratched lenses or sweat stains (eww!) in the headset itself.

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