The Best Oculus Rift Shooting Games

One thing that seems to be on the top of the list for most wanted VR games for players is shooters. There’s just something about being immersed into a world and having the chance to look down the sights of your weapon and line up a kill. Developers have picked up on this, and have begun development on a series of titles that let you pull the trigger from inside your headset. We’ve put together what we feel are the best Oculus Rift shooters released, as well as a few games that we’re really looking forward to seeing in the near future.

Out Now

The number of Oculus Rift shooting games available now isn’t as deep as you might think, as many developers are still in the process of developing their first wave of full games. With that being said, there are a few games out there that have heavy firepower and are excellent titles that you should be downloading right now.

World War Toons


World War Toons looks a bit childish, but don’t let its looks fool you: this is a heavy hitter that manages to mix in a bunch of different player classes that bring something different to the maps every time you spawn. Even better, the game is currently free to play, as it sits in beta. In addition to being playable on the Rift, the game can also be played via PlayStation VR, and has garnered positive reviews from those who have played it.


Damaged Core


Feeling a bit like Destiny, Damaged Core sees players facing off against a robot army that is seeking to wipe out humanity. The game has a unique teleportation system that sees you taking over multiple bots to move throughout the battlefield. The mechanics work, and the result is a 10-hour campaign that shines as one of the best FPS VR games.

Eve: Valkyrie


Okay, Eve: Valkyrie isn’t a first person shooter, but it is still a load of fun. Pitting you into a spaceship and doing battle against a rival space faction, Eve manages to pack in a load of great features, and the overall user experience is so immersive, you’ll believe you actually are a part of a intergalactic war. The game launched alongside the Rift, and can currently be purchased for $59.99.

Coming Soon

There are a lot more polished Rift shooters on the way, and we know you’re going to want to know what’s around the corner before you drop some money on something available now, as it seems there’s always something coming out every week or so for this platform.



Artika.1 is coming from 4A Games, the same company who gave us Metro Redux. The game takes place 100 years in the future, and sees players fighting in a post-apocalyptic world, where monsters and looters run rampant. Players play the role of a hero who’s been tasked with protecting a Russian colony in an effort to give humanity to rebound back from the edge.

Superhot VR


I guarantee that Superhot is a shooter unlike any you’ve ever played before. The game originally debuted in February 2016 and sees players shooting it out with a bunch of polygon-based enemies. The catch is that the enemies only move and shoot whenever you move. Think of this being like bullet time from The Matrix, and extrapolate that into an entire game. Things only will get better when you are given the freedom to look around your surroundings through the Rift headset. We can tell this game is going to be a hit when it debuts alongside the Rift Touch Controls this fall.


While the number of shooters for the Rift isn’t as high as you might expect at this time, there are still some real gems out there that you should check out. There are also a bunch of great games coming out in the near future, many of which will have very accurate controls due to the upcoming launch of the Rift Touch controllers.

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