The Best Nexus 6P VR Headsets Out Right Now

In my eyes, the Nexus 6P mobile phone is one of the best Android handheld devices that you can buy today. The phone is cutting edge in nearly every way, bringing USB-C connections for fast charging, 4K UHD video capturing, a large 5.7 inch screen, and a blazing fast octa-core Snapdragon processor that can handle nearly anything you throw at it. With these hefty specs, virtual reality is something that can be experienced on a Nexus 6P, but what is the best Nexus 6P headset to use?

The Contenders


Homido VR HeadsetWe reviewed this headset earlier this month, and found the quality to be fantastic. The weight distribution is good across your head, and the vents present prevent sweat from accumulating or allowing the phone to overheat. There is no button present with this device though, so you’re going to need a Bluetooth controller to interact with some apps.


Zeiss VR One Plus– In another review, we stated that the $130 Zeiss VR One Plus is very well built with good viewing angles that remain sharp, but that a lack of a button is a concern (much like with the Homido). If you have deep pockets and can afford to splurge, the Zeiss VR One Plus may be one of the higher-end units that you can pick up at this time.


Viewmaster VR– Hear me out on this one. The Viewmaster has been marketed as a kid’s toy, but it really is a fantastic VR headset. The device is sturdy, and at just $23 is one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to Android-friendly headsets. Even better, there is a button that allows for interaction, and players will find the device is comfortable. The downfall here is that there’s no headset strap, so you need to either craft your own or hold the headset up to your face for long periods of time.


Google View– The Google View headset doesn’t officially support the Nexus 6P at this time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your device with it. By side loading the Daydream app onto your phone, you can put your 6P into the headset and use it accordingly. Some people have complained that the phone overheats in this aspect, but others have claimed it serves as an excellent benchmark for the Nexus.

The Choice

With all of the devices above considered, I have to say that there really are two options that I would choose to go with my Nexus 6P: The Homido and Zeiss VR One Plus. I really enjoy the high-quality materials present in the Zeiss VR headset, as the side blur found in many other headsets is not present here, giving you one of the better overall VR experiences that doesn’t require an $800 standalone headset.

With that being said, users of the Nexus 6P have to be aware of the overheating issues that can take place at any given time on the device when it is closed into a confined space. This necessitates you taking a break every once in a while to let the device cool down. I generally take my phone out of the headset every half hour or so for a minute just to let it cool back down and to re-adjust myself to reality.

The bottom line is that the Nexus 6P is a wonderful device and is compatible with a wide array of VR headsets, seeing as how it’s using Android for its backbone. Any of the headsets mentioned above are worthy of consideration, but the Homido and Zeiss options are the cream of the crop.

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