Homido VR Headset Review

While there are a big-three of sorts when it comes to virtual reality headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR) there are dozens of smaller manufacturers that have designed other headset devices meant for Android or iOS devices. The Homido VR headset is one of the higher-end third party headsets available, which offers some really nice features, but has one flaw that may end up torpedoing iPhone users.

The Headset


The Homido VR headset is designed with general Android and iOS smartphones in mind, meaning that you snap your device into the front of the device. The headset weighs in at 1.1 pounds, but feels very comfortable sitting on your head via an adjustable head strap that sits nicely on your head. The headset gives 100 degrees for a field of view, which isn’t the highest we’ve seen, but is certainly about average. Buttons and sliders are also available, which allow you to adjust the distance between your pupils in order to have the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

The device launches a series of apps that are designed with Google Cardboard in mind, which has dozens of apps ranging in quality. Using an iPhone 6 Plus, I found the Homido to fit in very well, with the larger screen providing a stellar and immersive experience that puts you right in your app.

Homido VR With Android

Android devices have a deeper selection of VR-ready apps for users than iOS devices, and I generally think you’re bound to have a better experience with the Homido if you’re using an Android device.

I say this in large part because of the fact that Android smartphones have full compatibility with wireless controllers, which allow you to use a virtual touch of the screen in order to progress through various screens. This made things very easy on me when I played games, as I was able to blast away at baddies without hassle.

Homido VR With iOS

Things get a bit more complicated when using the Homido with an iPhone, as there is no button present, and limited Bluetooth controller support means you’re more often than not going to find yourself unable to play a series of games unless you do a hack to put a touch button onto the device, which is a real shame given the high price of the set.

Best Homido VR Apps

As mentioned above, there are a huge number of apps that support the Homido headset, and some are certainly better than others. The apps that I recommend you check out the following apps, as they work best with the Homido:


Within– Available for both Android and iOS, Within is a VR video platform that delivers a bunch of great experiences to viewers. Everything from action sequences to documentaries to music videos are available here, and the quality of the app is top-notch.


Mobile VR Station– This app allows users to watch movies that you load onto your device. It is available in iOS and has a great interface that lets you watch 3D videos in outer space, within a theater, or other settings.


Street View– Google’s Street View app is cool in its own right, but its even better when you strap it inside the Homido headset. This app lets you explore regions around the world, and I can personally vouch that standing in front of a 3D recreation of your home is incredible and disorienting at the same time.


If you’re not able to use the Gear VR with your mobile phone, then your next best option may be to look at a headset like the Homido. While I wish the button functionality was there, the build quality of the set is great, and I think it’s a surefire hit for most users not wielding a Galaxy smartphone.

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