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I have long been a proponent of the iPhone, as I love the way Apple devices simply “just work”, and how the Apple App Store seems to keep a lot of the junk pieces of software from reaching your device. With that being said, Apple’s iPhone brand has missed out on a lot of the virtual reality innovations taking place, with the Google Cardboard platform focusing more on Android devices (and understandably so, as Android is a Google property). Fortunately for us, things have gotten better in this aspect over the last year or so, and we are finally getting things such as YouTube and dedicated VR apps delivered to us, but what are the best iPhone 6 VR headsets out there?

The Contenders

Some Android style devices have better options than the iPhone does when it comes to VR, with the Gear VR standing out as the best mobile VR device out there, but unfortunately that isn’t available for the iPhone family. Many cheaper style headsets have been put out by Chinese companies, but there are notable flaws in the designs, which can kill your experience in one way or another.

We feel the following devices are the strongest iPhone 6 VR headsets, and are worthy of your consideration if you’re thinking about digging into the genre.

View Master VR


View Master made a name for itself by providing 3D stereoscopic picture discs more than 75 years ago. With declining sales, the company partnered with Google in 2015 to release a Google Cardboard compatible VR headset, which can be used with a variety of VR apps as well as with specific discs that work with a View Master app.

The quality of the headset is fantastic, with everything seeming to fit perfectly and a lever on the side giving button press functionality to the phone. The biggest drawback is the lack of a head strap, meaning that you have to hold the device to your face in order to use it.

VR Shinecon


The VR Shinecon is one of the Chinese devices that we mentioned above. Although not as solid feeling as the View Master, the device is still well-designed, and actually feels very comfortable when it rests on your face. There are head straps on this, meaning you can go hands free and watch an assortment of VR videos for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, the company that designed this headset forgot a button, which means that you need to find a way to hack the button presses (either through a magnet or by building a button of your own).



If you’re looking for something a bit higher-end, the Merge VR headset is perfect for your iPhone 6. Matching the craftsmanship of the View Master with the head straps of the Shinecon, the Merge is excellent for use with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The headset also has two buttons on top of the headset, meaning you can leave the device on your face for hours on end without needing to remove the device in order to navigate menus. The only downside here is the higher price, with the Merge going for almost $60 at some sites.

The Winner

If I had to make my decision for the best iPhone 6 VR headset, my choice would be the Merge. Even though the device has a higher price than the others, the Merge is still an excellent overall choice, as the touch inputs and straps end up giving us the most complete VR experience on an Apple device. If you go the way of the Merge, I suggest using the device with the apps ‘Within’, ‘Zombie Pirates’, ‘YouTube’, and ‘Discovery VR’.

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